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About the Collective

The Affinity Collective is a fledgeling community cooperative seeking to create a living space in harmony with nature. We are based in Ireland and have been working on the project for about almost three years.

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Our Documents

A project like ours requires a solid theoretical foundation and from the earliest moments of the Collective's history, we've been working on that foundation. Below, you can find the documents, in pdf format, that form the core of our ideological framework. We strive to live up to the standards set therein and see them as our beacon through a bewildering and uncertain future. Whether you're looking to find out more about our project or draw inspiration for one of your own, we encourage you to peruse them and hope you find them useful. If you have thoughts on these texts or would like to know more, please send us an email at!

Project Principles

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This statement outlines the ideals that drive our project. They are intended to set us apart from traditional Western capitalist, white supremacist and heteropatriarchal society. These principles guide us in collectively creating a counter-cultural environment grounded in mutual aid, respect, equality, and sustainability.

Vision Statement

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Our vision statement describes the goal of our project. Where the Project Principles are our compass, the Vision Document is closer to a very broad level map that shows the route we're taking from as holistic a perspective as possible. It sets out how our project fits into the wider activist movement and what we hope to contribute to that movement.