Affinity Collective

About the Collective

The Affinity Collective is a fledgeling community cooperative seeking to create a living space in harmony with nature. We are based in Ireland and have been working on the project for almost three years.

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History of the Collective

The Affinity Collective started with the will to act upon shared ideals and make them come to life. It had come to the attention of a handful of individuals that our chaotic and often distressful times give unique leverage to achieve projects and build the communities that this world deserves.

Strongly influenced by the principles of permaculture, the Affinity Collective sets out to achieve the right balance between autonomy and sustainability, by developing non-monetary means to survive and prosper, while still being firmly anchored in modern-day society and weaving bonds of cooperation and trust with its direct social environment. As such, the Affinity Collective aims at building a better world from the physical and social environment it finds itself rooted in.

From Autumn Equinox 2018 to Spring Equinox 2019, the few first partners in crime have spent the hibernation period working on the legal structure of the Collective, while applying and experimenting with one of its defining features: the use of consensus instead of vote to make decisions, so that power within any group of people is distributed equally and never used to oppress a minority of dissidents. It is out of this careful process that the Constitution of the Collective was established.

New members arrived with the returning sunlight in spring 2019 to enrich the Collective and bring their ideas and ideals to the table. Many excited projects were born: food forests, podcasts, workshops, and so much more! Meanwhile, the summer was spent finding a suitable home for the Collective, without which most of its projects would not come forth.

Our expansion continued into the autumn, as did our research. The Affinity Collective will soon announce its location and is open to new members who would bring their creativity and their initiative to this promising community!